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Episode One: Tasmania

The Laps Tasmania - Documentary, Sports, Travel

How can we consume less? Live our dreams? Meet new friends? Adventure more? And have a bloody good time doing it? 'The Lap of Tasmania' is a documentary, following Dustin Hollick and Rhian Slapp, two ordinary fathers with the survival skills of well-trained house pets, on a two-week journey around Tasmania with not much more than the clothes on their backs. The rules are simple: No cash, no car, no technology and just 10 personal items each. These scruffy surfers from the East Coast of Australia leave home to learn the secrets of a well-balanced life and aim to get back a connection with nature that has been lost with the advent of modern convenience. They re-connect with nature but it is the goodwill and generosity of the quirky humans that inhabit this remote island that make their journey and survival possible.

Listen to Laps TV cast Dustin and Rhian interviewed on the World Nomads Podcast


USA, Santa Barbara International Film Festival, February 6

USA, Santa Barbara International Film Festival, February 8

Australia, Cradle Mountain Film Festival, Cradle Mountain Hotel, March 30. Get Tickets.

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